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Archives for February 2010

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The call of Jesus is a strange one

Jesus calls Levi/Matthew to follow Him (Mark 2:13-17). And later he becomes one of Jesus' top men. What an absolutely bizarre choice on Jesus' part. After all, Levi was a tax collector......

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Reflection/Journaling Mark 2:1-12

This week our sermon "The Healing of the Paralytic" was based on Mark 2:1-12. We encourage you to continue to read, think, pray about, and apply themes from this passage throughout the week. Below are some sample questions you can journal about and pray through......

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PCA and Haiti Relief

If you've been coming around to New City, you know that we have been sending our first wave of financial support through the ministry of World Vision International. In a few months, we'll take another special offering to support the work of Mission to North America in Haiti (MNA is our denomination's north American mission arm). See the message below from Arklie Hooten, ...

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Tebow's Super Bowl Ad

I commend to you this excellent piece by Sally Jenkins on the controversial ad Tim Tebow and his mother will star in during the Super Bowl. The ad is a pro-life piece and tells the story of Tebow's mother choosing NOT to have an abortion, though advised to because of complications with the pregnancy......

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