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Archives for March 2010

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Sowing seeds in Korea

I came across this story last week of the seeds of the gospel being planted in Korea. I spoke to Young Bok Kim about the story and he filled in some of the details......

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Confidence and Humility

There are some things about the calling of the apostles that apply to all disciples of Christ (all those who follow Him). One of these is the notion that we are chosen by grace......

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Equal opportunity offender

Nothing unites like a common enemy. The Herodians and the Pharisees would have nothing to do with one another, and yet, they both were deeply offended by the gospel (though in very different ways)......

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All Lamb and no Lion?

The British writer Dorothy Sayers talks about the tendency of the modern church to "tame" Jesus, which in effect, makes Him seem boring. For Sayers, this is an outrage, because that's something Jesus was never accused of in His own day......

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