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Two Tweens Reflect on Their Time in Mazatlan with B2B


Last spring, a team from New City traveled to Mazatlan with Back2Back to witness and join in their work at their children's home. Two of the youngest members of that team were Isabelle Jackson and Annabelle Larson, who traveled with their moms. We asked them some questions about their time in Mazatlan, and here's what they shared.

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What were you excited about before your trip to Mazatlan? What were you nervous about?

AL: I was really excited about meeting the children in the orphanages and hanging out with other people from New City that I normally don’t get to spend time with.  I was nervous about what the jobs I would be doing because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do them. But I figured out how to remove nails from wood beams so that was fun!  I was also nervous about communicating with the children because I don’t know Spanish.

IJ: I was excited about everything, even the plan ride. I was nervous about not being organized.


Isabelle Jackson, Annabelle Larson and Lucy Reitano.

What surprised you most about your time in Mazatlan with Back2Back?

AL: I was really surprised about the specific schedule.  It was much more organized than I thought it would be!  I really enjoyed the schedule and the trainings they offered because it helped me feel more prepared.

IJ: I was really surprised about where we slept while we there and the rooms.


Annabelle and her mom, Becca, visit the aquarium with friends from Mazatlan.

What did you learn about God during your time in Mazatlan?

AL: I learned that God will always take care of everybody - even when they have disabilities or don’t live with their family.  God provides in big and small ways.

IJ: God is always there and cares for everyone.


If you had to describe your time in Mazatlan in one word, what would that word be? Why?

AL: Impactful.  It was a very impactful trip because I was able to hang out with a lot of different kids.  There were two kids that really made an impact on my life and on my      faith.  Victor has significant disabilities and can’t talk or walk.  I would sing songs to Victor and even though he couldn’t say anything back he would smile and make happy noises at me.  I knew he enjoyed our time together just like I did!  I also met a girl my age named Yaneli.  Yaneli lives at the Salvation Army Children’s Home.  Yaneli and I were buddies at the aquarium and enjoyed laughing at the animals together  even though we couldn’t speak each other’s languages.  Yaneli and Victor helped me realize how grateful I am for my health and my family.  Both of them pointed me to Jesus in new ways too!

IJ: Amazing! The people, the ocean, the kids, the team... everything was amazing!


Isabelle, Annabelle and Lucy play with Victor.