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Our Story

New City is a fairly new church around the "Madison Rd. corridor," serving the eastside neighborhoods of Oakley, Madisonville, Mt. Lookout, Hyde Park, Norwood, & Pleasant Ridge, (northeast of downtown Cincinnati). We began in 2009 as a small group of people praying and dreaming about what the city of Cincinnati could look like under the reign of Jesus Christ.  How would Cincinnati be different if Jesus were acknowledged and people began to serve Him and love one another? How would business practices be altered? How would issues of poverty and economic disparity be addressed? How would it change the way we live in community with our neighbors? How would it change families?

A long time ago, St. Augustine said that there is a city of God within every city of man. His meaning was that God was at work in every human city by planting and establishing an alternate city within that city, whose purpose was to renew and restore the human city.  This city of God, the church, is meant to act as a preview society, demonstrating and declaring what life can be like under the reign of Christ.  The Bible teaches that one day Jesus will return and bring with Him a new kingdom.  The church exists now to preview this kingdom for others.

New City hopes to be this kind of community, helping to restore and renew the city of Cincinnati, not by taking over, but by serving the people of our city.  We are not arrogant or presumptuous enough to think that we are the only ones seeking to do this.  Many have gone before us and many will come after us.  Today there are churches in Cincinnati seeking to restore, redeem, and renew in the name of Jesus.  But there are not enough.  In fact, there are woefully too few churches in our city compared to the work that needs to be done.  As Jesus once said, "The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few" (Matthew 9:37).

Our hope is to join with other good churches in our city to celebrate Christ and serve our neighbors, and to plant many new churches to do the same.  We hope you'll come check us out on a Sunday.  You can find details about our worship here.  You can also find out much more about our church by exploring the website, specifically reading about our mission, vision, and values or meeting our leadership.

 Here's a great video from "Make Cincy Yours" that encapsulates a bit of the character of our city and gives a glimpse of why we dig this place: