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Judges - Sermon Series Beginning June 2


In one episode of the Simpsons, Homer finished reading through the Bible and said, "Everyone in this book is a mess...except this one guy." (Garrett Kell)


Sex and violence, rape and massacre, brutality and deceit do not seem to be congenial materials for use in the story of salvation. Given the Bible's subject matter—God and salvation, living well and loving deeply—we quite naturally expect to find in its pages leaders for us who are good, noble, honorable men and women showing us the way. So it is always something of a shock to open up the book of Judges and find ourselves in mayhem and chaos.

But that's the wonderful thing about the Bible. It doesn't paint a glossy picture of life in a fallen world. Judges, perhaps more than any other book of the Bible, shows us the failure of humanity to live out God's call on our lives. The book's final words sum up the picture: "In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes" (Judges 21.25).

Come along with us this summer as we explore this confusing, complex and crazy book. Wrestle with us through the themes of sin and redemption, and join Israel in search for the True King, whose kingdom will come with perfect justice and peace.

06/02 - Introduction: The Endless Cycle (Judges 1-2)
06/09 - Ehud: The Left-Handed Savior (Judges 3)
06/16 - Deborah’s Deliverance (Judges 4-5)
06/23 - Gideon: The Reluctant Leader (Judges 6)
06/30 - The 300 (Judges 7)
07/07 - The Outlaw Leader and the Terrible Promise (Judges 11-12)
07/14 - The Rise of Samson (Judges 13-14)
07/21 - In Search of a Hero (Judges 15-16)
07/28 - Men Without Chests (Judges 17-18)
08/04 - Everyone Did What Was Right in His Own Eyes (Judges 19-21)

**Series artwork by Jon Sauder

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