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Getting Ready for Maundy Thursday (March 28, 2024)

Maundy Thursday 

Here is the source of every sacrament,
The all-transforming presence of the Lord,
Replenishing our every element
Remaking us in his creative Word.
For here the earth herself gives bread and wine,
The air delights to bear his Spirit’s speech,
The fire dances where the candles shine,
The waters cleanse us with His gentle touch.
And here He shows the full extent of love
To us whose love is always incomplete,
In vain we search the heavens high above,
The God of love is kneeling at our feet.
Though we betray Him, though it is the night.
He meets us here and loves us into light.

(Malcolm Guite, Maundy Thursday)

When the church worships on Maundy Thursday, it remembers the last evening that Christ spent with his disciples in the upper room. Three major events make up this evening: he washed the disciple's feet, he instituted the Lord's Supper, and he gave them the "new" commandment to love one another. 

The name of this day desrives from the last of these. "Maundy" comes from the Latin “mandatum novum," referring to the "new commandment" Jesus gave his disciples in John 13:34.

As we gather on Thursday night we’ll sing, listen to Scripture, and reflect together on the events of the Upper Room. And of course, celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

Our celebration of the Supper will be a little different than our normal Sunday morning practice. Rather than a small piece of bread, everyone will get a large roll. And rather than dipping, we'll each get a glass of wine or juice. We'll bring the elements back to our seats, and because it will take a little while for us to eat and drink, it will allow for a more deliberate meditation upon the work of Christ for us.

This is always a beautiful service. We hope you can join us at 7pm Thursday night. Children of all ages are always welcome in the worship service. However, childcare will be provided for children 4 & under on a first come first served basis.