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Signs Artwork


For our Signs sermon series we had several artists from New City represent the sign in their artwork. Sadly we had to cease meeting together in the midst of the series but here are the pieces and brief descriptions from the sermons shared in the series either in person or via our house church liturgies. Thanks to all the artists who encouraged us by using their gifts to create these delightful works! 

The Wedding at Cana (John 2:1-12)


As an introduction to the series Signs, I chose to create 2 Ojo de Dios ala as natural as possible. Water: intentionally creating movement, rarely do we see water not moving! Yarn back and forth, front, and back, dark and light, single and multicolor totally obscuring the of the new straight grapevine sticks. Wine: on aged curvy crazy cool character grapevine sticks to subtly represent a wineglass, single-colored yarn, intentionally leaving the wood (flavor) exposed. Up close observe some numbers 1 and 3 for the trinity and 7 for completeness. I'm a real nerd in my design using these 3 numbers daily on every design.—Gayle Frazer

(And a special thanks to Jennifer Crutcher and our NCK Staff for organizing the take home ojos project for our hanging installation in the sanctuary!)

The Cleansing of the Temple (John 2:13-22)


Do you remember an instant from your past in which time appeared to slow down? Or stop, even? I am willing to bet that you can remember days that went on for an eternity. Or split seconds of time that unfold slowly and deliberately. Those moments change us in some way. They have left an imprint on us and help guide us. I always imagined Jesus turning over the tables in the Temple as one of these “press pause” moments. It was a shocking, life changing act. We are not the same because of it.—Daniel Kersey

The Official’s Son (John 4:39-54)

2020_03_08_theofficialsson MC

This week's artwork for Signs captures the moment in John 4:47-50, in which the royal official comes to Jesus and begs him to heal his son. In this image, I portrayed Jesus using his power at the moment he spoke in verse 50 to "Go...your son will live." It's possible that Jesus also gestured to the man to depart, so I chose a hand position that may be pointing as well as reaching. The gold color palette and mosaic (common in rich palaces of the era) signify not only the position of the official, but more importantly the even greater royalty of Jesus, the true King. A mixture of ink pen, photography, and color manipulation was used. —Mitch Coppoletti

Walking on Water (John 6:16-21)


These photographs symbolize childlike faith and the invitation to trust & believe our Savior, despite the wind and waves. When we keep our eyes on Christ, everything comes into focus and fear has no place. May we all have the courage to walk towards the one worthy of our trust and accept his outstretched hand.—Rachel & David Hammitt

 Raising Lazarus (John 11:38-44; 12:9-26)


—Jon Sauder