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Introducing Beautiful Orthodoxy


Over the next few years, Pastor Josh will offer a series of training courses featuring a bit of a deeper dive into theology, spiritual formation and mission. We’re calling this ongoing course series Beautiful Orthodoxy.

The goal of this course series is not bigger brains, but lives changed by God’s Word, lived orthodoxy, and practical theology. These courses are for those who want to live in mission.

Every year, we'll offer four to five of our Beautiful Orthodoxy courses in a variety of formats. You can take them a la carte when they are offered, or try to take them all. We kicked off the series in August with The Holy Spirit offered during our August Theology Lab series. Throughout the 2019/2020 ministry year we will offer the following:

  • Missional Community Life (November 2019)
  • Gospel Change (January 2020)
  • Evangelism (April/May 2020)

Here are some Beautiful Orthodoxy FAQs:

  • What’s the cost to participate? Each course is $15.
  • What do I get? A great month-long study led by Pastor Josh alongside a community of learners, a moleskin journal, digital curriculum, and a feast on the final session of each course.
  • What are the weekly requirements? In addition to the weekly meeting, expect to spend 30 minutes five days a week at home on the course. Each class will also include writing a one page paper/reflection. 
  • When will the class meet? There will generally be one course/season. In the summer and winter, the courses will be held during evening Theology Labs. In the fall and spring, courses will be held mornings before work.

Look for registration for the Missional Community Life course soon. We hope you consider joining us!