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Resources for Advent

Resources for

Throughout December, we’ll be observing Advent at New City. Advent is a season preparation, waiting and celebration. As we look back to the stable in Bethlehem, we rejoice that our God became man and dwelt with us. And, we also look forward to when Christ will come again.

Along with Sunday morning worship, Advent is a wonderful opportunity to set aside some personal time to reflect on Christ’s first coming and our hope in His second coming. 

The staff at New City put together a list of books and music if you’re on the hunt for some new Christmas books and/or music. Enjoy!

If you’re looking for some reading for Advent, here are some staff favorites:

If you want a different devotional, there are two books that showcase advent-centric art to spur reflection:

If you want to listen to some new music, here are albums you might enjoy.

Finally, if you need some resources for the youngest people in your lives, here are a few kids books you might enjoy:

May this Advent be filled with wonder and awe as we consider the miracle of the incarnation and look with expectation to the return of our Lord.