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Welcoming New Members at New City!

We are thankful for the ways the Lord continues to grow His church at New City. During the past two Sundays, we’ve welcomed 33 new members into our congregation:

Alvin Ashlaw; Taylor Buschy; Danny and Alyse Capaccio; Kari Cheek; Blake and Sarah Dowlin; Christopher Duke; Patrick and Lindsey Evers; David and Jill Guth; Jon Hankenhof; Chris Hahnel; Hannah Hoffman; Hank Holiday; Daniel and Serenity Johnson; Mark and Katie Kylander; Paul and Page Lee; Jenny Lehtonen; Collin and Alisha Loch; Kristin McArthur; Myles and Emily McLean; Nadine Press; Carlie Sheffiel; Noah Simonides; and, Brandon and Alicia Stock.

Along with welcoming new members, we also had the joy of baptizing Chris Duke. Baptism is one of two Sacraments we observe at New City (the other being the Lord's Supper). Baptism is a sign and seal of the covenant of grace, a picture of what God has done for us in Jesus Christ, and also a picture of the community that God is forming.

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If you are interested in pursuing membership at New City, we’d love for you to attend our next Intro to New City Seminar on Saturday, June 1. Intro to New City is a seminar designed to help you get to know the church a little better: hear the story of the church’s origins, our Vision, Values, Beliefs, and Philosophy of ministry, some things that are distinctive about New City, etc. It also provides a basic framework for understanding the gospel, and the church’s role in God’s plan of redemption.