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Reflection/Journaling Mark 2:1-12


This week our sermon "The Healing of the Paralytic" was based on Mark 2:1-12.  We encourage you to continue to read, think, pray about, and apply themes from this passage throughout the week.  Below are some sample questions you can journal about and pray through.

:: In verse 5, it says that Jesus saw "their faith," implying that He was responding to the faith of the paralytic and his friends.  In Luke's account of this story, it says that Jesus was "impressed by their faith."  What makes their faith impressive?

:: As Mark narrates stories of encounters people have with Jesus, we get little pictures of what real faith looks like.  On Sunday I said that in this story Mark shows us that real faith (or the seeds of real faith) is "knowing that I have a need, and a hunch that Jesus is the man to deal with that need."  What do you think of this description of faith?  Does it resonate with you?

:: When Jesus first sees the paralytic, we would have expected Him to heal the man physically.  Instead, He forgives the man of his sins.  What does this tell us about the man's deepest needs?  What does this tell you about your own deepest needs?

:: Tim Keller says "the only disease that can really kill you is sin - the one medicine that can really cure you is forgiveness."  Is this true?  If so, what is the significance?  How should this affect the way you pray?

:: John Calvin believes this story should re-orient our prayer lives.  Our prayers should reflect our biggest need.  In other words, before we go to God asking for things, we ought to go to Him confessing our sins and asking for forgiveness.  Take some time now to confess your sins before God.  Ask Him for forgiveness, and thank Him that forgiveness is possible because of the work of Jesus Christ.

:: I said on Sunday that the healing of this man gives us a preview of what will happen when the kingdom of God comes in its fullness.  Look up Acts 14:22, Matthew 11:4-5, and Revelation 21:4-5 and write down what you learn about healing, restoration, and the kingdom of God.

:: Why do the scribes object to Jesus in this passage?  What do we learn about Jesus' identity here?

:: The 4 friends run up against a serious obstacle in trying to get to Jesus.  But they do not let it stop them. What obstacles keep you from Jesus?  What do you let get in the way of your relationship with Him?

:: When thinking about those obstacles, pray about these and ask God to help you move past these obstacles and draw near to Him.