During the current surge of Covid-19 cases in our county we are strongly recommending masks to be worn in our Sunday worship gatherings and requiring masks for all volunteers serving our New City Kids.

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Reflecting on Christ as our advocate

Here's some fodder for reflection and journalling based on last week's sermon text......

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Advent: Close Encounters of the Liturgical Kind

Chris Armstrong (an editor at Christian History magazine) has written a good little history of the Advent season. He writes about how, for many evangelicals, Advent is the one real taste of liturgy they get every year. Perhaps our enjoyment of Advent traditions can inform the way we worship through......

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John 1 - For further reflection

John 1:1-5, 14-18 was our text for the first Sunday in Advent. If you'd like to do some more reading, reflecting......

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Far as the Curse is Found

Last month I read Michael Williams' book Far as the Curse is Found: The Covenant Story of Redemption. It's really good, and......

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Lincoln's Thanksgiving Day address

Abraham Lincoln instituted the holiday of Thanksgiving as we know it in 1863. You can read it here. A couple of observations:...

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Blessing Follows Calling

God always follows His calling with blessing. I wonder if we believe that. What I mean to say, is that when God calls us to something (some task, some ministry, some profession, some place), He doesn't just give us marching orders and then depart......

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Demonstration Community

In Acts 2, we learn that God saves us not only out of our sins, but he saves us into community. In Jesus, we are connected not only to God, but to a group of people. That's why, when people come to faith as Peter preaches, they are immediately baptized and then it says they were "added." The church, then, isn't an optional "extra" or the Christian, but rather a fundamen...

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To Know and Be Known

On Sunday we talked a bit about the challenges to community in contemporary American culture. Some sociologists are asking the question, "Is real community even possible?" or has life been altered so much that real connection is something from a bygone age....

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