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37 years after Roe v. Wade

Jan 22 marks 37 years since the Roe v. Wade decision came down, effectively legalizing abortion in the United States.   I thought I'd point you to two posts by Kevin DeYoung that I found helpful.  The first is DeYoung's summarizing of an article called "Mugged By Ultrasound: Why So Many Abortion Workers Have Turned Pro-Life."  Having just seen an ultrasound this morning, I can completely see why this technology makes it harder and harder for pro-choice advocates to deny that fetuses are real human persons.

The second is a bullet list of state laws defining unborn children as "people," allowing for those who kill the unborn (for example in a car accident or attack on the mother) to be tried for homicide.  Roe v. Wade then seems to be a contradiction in the law.