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Blessing Follows Calling

God always follows His calling with blessing. I wonder if we believe that. What I mean to say, is that when God calls us to something (some task, some ministry, some profession, some place), He doesn't just give us marching orders and then depart......

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Demonstration Community

In Acts 2, we learn that God saves us not only out of our sins, but he saves us into community. In Jesus, we are connected not only to God, but to a group of people. That's why, when people come to faith as Peter preaches, they are immediately baptized and then it says they were "added." The church, then, isn't an optional "extra" or the Christian, but rather a fundamen...

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To Know and Be Known

On Sunday we talked a bit about the challenges to community in contemporary American culture. Some sociologists are asking the question, "Is real community even possible?" or has life been altered so much that real connection is something from a bygone age....

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