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Why Christianity Will Bring Rejection

Deep in human hearts is an engine of self-justification. We all desperately want to reassure ourselves that we are all right. We do this by destroying anything that reminds us of the absolute standards of God’s righteousness....

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Herod's Fear

How many people’s consciences have been awakened to eternal things and their own sinful plight, and yet they have buried it all because of what they feared their friends or family or fiance or spouse or fellow-students would think...

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Gollum, Herod, and the point of no return

I heard this was the one passage in The Lord of the Rings that made Tolkein cry when he re-read it (though I haven't verified this). It depicts Gollum's wrestling over whether or not to betray Frodo to the giant spider, Shelob. Ultimately, it describes the point of no return for Gollum's soul......

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Around the Web (tips for family time, Keller on Proverbs, and Steve Jobs on porn)

How to read the Bible, tips for family time, Olasky on Tim Keller, Steve Jobs on porn, Keller on Proverbs, and a prayer about gospel cover-up....

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Around the web (Guilt, Creation, Growth, and Intimacy)

Links to good posts about guilt, thinking about the oil spill in the Gulf, why you might not see spiritual growth, and intimacy with your spouse...

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Man a Nothing

A Puritan prayer of repentance from the Valley of Vision......

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Edwards, Flew, and resources for women

Edwards, resources for women, and the death of a (former) atheist......

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Music and Vine

Book review of The Trellis and the Vine and links to newoldhymns......

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Nowhere Else To Go | Reflection Guide

The following guide is designed for discussion in community groups, or reflection and journaling on your own. It is based on Mark 5:21-43 (the sermon text for May 2, 2010)....

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Manhood, Womanhood, and Family

A talk about manhood, book about womanhood, and an article on leading your family spiritually....

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