Herod's Fear

johns-head---rubensHow many people’s consciences have been awakened to eternal things and their own sinful plight, and yet they have buried it all because of what they feared their friends or family or fiance or spouse or fellow-students would think. Some spend their entire lives basing their decisions on what other people think. There are politicians who for twenty years have not made one decision according to conscience, but rather according to what they think the people want. There are business people who spend their entire day reckoning their decisions with a visualized corporate ladder before them. There are students who sell their souls to escape ridicule. More people than we realize have lost eternity because they feared what others think. Is the opinion of others keeping you from following your own best instincts and the witness of the Holy Spirit? If so, do not be fooled. (R. Kent Hughes, Mark: Jesus, Servant and Savior, Vol. 1, p. 143).

Herod appeared to have interest in John's preaching.  He heard John "gladly" (Mark 6:20).  And yet, for fear of losing face before his dinner guests, he has John killed (Mark 6:26-28). 

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