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Edwards, Flew, and resources for women

Miscellany from around the web:
  • Good words from Jonathan Edwards: “God’s desire to communicate happiness to the creature entails a willingness to experience loss to the sake of the beloved. It is exceeding congruous for God, a being of infinite goodness and love, to give to the creature the highest sort of expression of love—which is expensed for the beloved. Therefore through the mission of the Son, God reveals a love that suffers in behalf of the beloved. Now I can clearly and distinctly conceive how the giving of Christ is the perfect expression of love, as the greatest expense in a lover. For the incarnation expresses the love of God in a way that is exceedingly noble and excellent and agreeable to the glorious perfections of God.” Jonathan Edwards “Miscellanies” (413:336)  (HT: Tom Wood)
  • I've heard good things about Lydia Brownback's On-the-Go Devotionals.  Supposed to be gospel-centered, Christ-centered, and filled with practical wisdom for the busy woman, mother, and wife.  The first 4 titles are out: Trust, Contentment, Joy, and Purity.  Here's a link where you can read the Intro and the first 4 devotions in Trust.
  • Antony Flew died this month.  Flew was a prominent atheist who recently rejected his atheism and declared that he believes God to exist.  Al Mohler writes about him: Dr. Mohler looks at the life of Antony Flew. "The death this month of Antony Flew brings an end to one of the most interesting lives in twentieth century philosophy. Throughout the last half of that century, Professor Flew was recognized as one of the most significant philosophical advocates of atheism, eventually writing at least 35 works, many arguing for the non-existence of God. Then, at age 81, Antony Flew changed his mind. God, he explained, probably does exist."  Read the whole article.

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