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Getting Ready for Sunday | 2/19/12


We all ought to worship, give glory and honor to God, everyday in all that we do. But there is something special about the people of God coming TOGETHER for worship (Hebrews 10:24-25). Thus, we hope Sundays at New City are a highlight of your week. In an effort to help you get more out of it, we're posting a short preview of this Sunday's gathering.

BennetBoysCheck out Genesis 16:1-16. This is the text that we'll be using Sunday. This is some dark, heavy stuff this week that exposes what harshness and troublemaking we're capable of. But God is right there in the midst of the mess. You can access previous sermons and download study/discussion guides if you CLICK HERE.

The songs we'll sing together this week are:


Beyond Sunday, this week we'll gather for worship on Ash Wednesday, 7pm on February 22nd at the Red TreeGallery, 3210 Madison Rd., Oakley, 45209. Children are more than welcome to be in attendance but there will not be formal childcare. RSVP on the Facebook event page and share it in your timeline (click the "share" link on the left side of the page). 



It's not too late to get in on Porterbrook, launching at the end of the month. CLICK HERE to learn more and register online.

Sunday's a-comin! Come prepared to celebrate Christ together!