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Gospel DNA

There are some beliefs that are, well, simply beliefs. They’re positions we hold about the different issues we’re asked to form opinions on, such as whether Cincinnati is the best city in the world, or whether dogs or cats make better pets. But there are other beliefs that we hold that are so central and so foundational in our lives that we call them worldview. Beliefs such as these rest at the center of our lives and they radically impact how we see and respond to the world. For Christians, the gospel is one such belief. This fall, 2019, our church celebrates its 10th birthday. And as we begin our second decade of ministry in Cincinnati, we're revising the questions that we started with: What does it mean to be a church centered on the gospel? How can we have and maintain a ministry “DNA” that is formed and shaped by the gospel? We're convinced that the gospel is not something you learn and move on from. Instead, it is something we’re continually shaped and formed by, individually and collectively.

November 24, 2019

How Do We Serve Cincinnati?

Speaker: Ryan Zhang Series: Gospel DNA Passage: Jeremiah 29:1-14

October 13, 2019

How Do We Change?

Speaker: Joshua Reitano Series: Gospel DNA Passage: Ephesians 4:17-24

October 6, 2019

Why Did Jesus Die?

Speaker: Joshua Reitano Series: Gospel DNA Passage: Isaiah 52:13– 53:12

September 29, 2019

Who is Jesus?

Speaker: Joshua Reitano Series: Gospel DNA Passage: Matthew 11:2-15

September 15, 2019

Who is God?

Speaker: Joshua Reitano Series: Gospel DNA Passage: John 17:1-6, 20-26