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No Stormless Seas | A Guide for Reflection

The following is based on last week's sermon text, Mark 4:35-41.  The following questions may help in further discussing the text with others, or in your own personal reflection and application.

:: Did anything stand out to you as important, significant, or confusing in the text (or in the sermon on Sunday)?

:: Why would Mark’s earliest readers have especially identified with this story? Why would the early church have used a boat as a symbol for Christianity?

:: Probably most of us are not worried about facing a literal storm on the sea. But what kinds of storms do people face today?

:: What do we learn about the person of Jesus from this story?

:: The disciples were afraid of the storm. But after Jesus calms the storm it says they are even more afraid (“they were filled with great fear” v. 41). Why do you think this was the case?

:: In verse 38, the disciples wake Jesus up and rebuke Him. What are they saying in their statement to Him? Can you indentify with their statement?

:: Martin Luther said there are three components to faith (or trust). Faith involves notitia – using your mind to wrestle with the evidence. Faith involves fiducia – exercising your faith as a matter of the will. And faith involves assensus – trust and enjoyment of the object of faith. How does this definition of faith help you to understand Jesus’ rebuke to the disciples in verse 40?

:: Has God ever allowed you to endure a storm? What did you learn through this experience?

:: How does reflecting on the cross of Christ affect the way you think about the storms you may have to endure now or in the future?

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