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Getting Ready for Sunday Feb 25, 2024


If we've been at "peak Solomon" for the last few weeks, this Sunday we're clearly into the descent -- the fall of King Solomon. To prepare for Sunday, take a look at 1 Kings 11:1-13. Out of curiosity, Jenni decided to see what AI would do with this story in creating a coloring page for worship bags.

ChatGPT 1 Kings

Kudos to the machines for senstivity and discretion. Pastor Zach will be navigating the same line this weekend as he preaches from this text, dealing with the issues at hand, but in a way that recognizes the varying ages of folks in the congregation. That said, be warned as there are some mature themes to this story.

Songs we'll sing this week include: 40, Lesser Loves, and Restore Us Again.

It's About Relationships

Over lunch today, I asked Mark Cary (a Serge missionary in the Czech Republic) what American Christians can learn from the church in Europe. I was specifically thinking about ways in which we do mission in a secular post-Christendom culture. The church has found herself in this position in Europe long before we've tasted it in America.

Mark answered: "It's all about relationships." Mark told the story of meeting an Iranian man living in Brno who described himself as an atheist. Mark said, "An Iranian atheist, I have to hear your story." Mark's curiosity created an opportunity for conversation. "My curiosity about him certainly opened the door for him to be curious about me and my faith.

Hospitality, friendship, a listening ear... these are all ways that Christians will be involved in the lives of our neighbors we seek to live on mission together.

Mark and Sarah will be talking about their ministry in Brno, Czech Republic during worship tomorrow, and in a lunch after the 10:45am service. It's a privilege to partner with them in their ministry.


  • Pray for Mark and Sarah Cary as they prepare to return to Brno, and that God would continue to bless their ministry among pastors and church leaders. Pray that God would provide the $600 in monthly support that they need to raise in order to be fully funded.

  • Give thanks for the Xavier students that Pastor Mike brought to the Jubilee conference this past weekend, and that the momentum gained from this time would bear fruit during the second semester.

  • Pray for the Women's Weekend -- that it would be a time of learning, refreshment and connection.