Far as the Curse is Found

Last month I read Michael Williams' book Far as the Curse is Found: The Covenant Story of Redemption.  It's really good, and I encourage you to go out an get it.


Williams walks the reader through the story of the Bible through the lens of "covenant."  He begins by talking about the significance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ as the ultimate form of God's covenant faithfulness, and then works through the Old Testament describing the covenants that God made with His people.  The work comes full circle as he concludes again with Christ as the mediator of a new and more glorious covenant.

What works

It's readability.  This book is not new territory in terms of theological exploration, but this is the most readable book yet on covenant theology.  It also makes a good primer for folks who just want a good understanding of how the parts of the Bible fit together to tell an overarching story of God's pursuit of man.

What doesn't

Just that it's nothing new.  This book doesn't go anywhere that the classics by O. Palmer Robinson haven't already explored.  But, as I said before, Williams is much more readable and therefore this is a really valuable contribution.


1 - The Resurrection
2 - The Exodus
3 - Creation
4 - The Fall
5 - The Flood
6 - Abraham
7 - The Patriarchs
8 - Sinai
9 - The Law
10 - Life in the Land: Kings
11 - Life in the Land: Prophets
12 - Jesus
13 - The Church
14 - The Eschaton

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