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Around the web (09-30-10)

:: How to Raise Boys Who Read - Thomas Spence writes in the WSJ about the reading gap between boys and girls in our society. Best paragraph: "One obvious problem with the SweetFarts philosophy of education is that it is more suited to producing a generation of barbarians and morons than to raising the sort of men who make good husbands, fathers and professionals. If you keep meeting a boy where he is, he doesn’t go very far."

:: Challies on McLaren - Tim Challies' excellent review of A New Kind of Christianity by Brian McLaren.  Hint - he doesn't like the book. “Here McLaren turns up the light and we see what his faith, what his Christianity, really is. We see it in all its toothless, caked-on horror. This new kind of Christianity is simply paganism behind a thick coating of false humility and biblical language. It is an expression of rebellion against God far more than it is a pursuit of new intimacy with the Creator. And like Orwell’s whore, many will go to this book seeking intimacy with God only to content themselves with rebellion against him. For each is satisfying in its own way.”

:: Book List for Children - Jerram Barrs (head of the Francis Schaeffer Institute at Covenant Seminary) has a lengthy and excellent book list for kids. Start stocking up, parents. I'm looking forward to reading through the list myself.

:: A Rationale for Christians Enjoying Halloween - I post this expecting I might get blasted on this one.  But I think it's a good article, and consistent with how we intend to talk about Halloween in our family.

:: A Clinchmas Poem - Maybe you've heard the Reds are going to the playoffs!

:: Feedback - For those of you who like Derek Webb, he's releasing a worship album in November based on the Lord's Prayer.  Should be interesting, as he's not the kind of artist you'd expect to release a traditional worship record.