Getting Ready for Sunday 09/11/11

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There is something special about the people of God coming together for worship (Hebrews 10:24-25). Thus, we hope Sundays at New City are a highlight of your week. In an effort to help you get more out of it, we're posting a short preview of this Sunday's gathering.

This is Week 1 in our Fall Series - "I Am" (click here to read more about the series). We'll kick the series off by looking at Jesus' claim to be "The Bread of Life" in John 6:26-35, 47-58. To prepare for worship, read this text and reflect upon what you learn about Jesus' identity and mission.

During our gathering, we'll affirm our faith using the words of the Apostles' Creed. Abby Breck will also be talking to us about the Christmas Store (a new initiative for the church this winter). And of course, we'll greet each other, pray, and sing.

Songs we'll sing this week include:

  • Come See the Son (free download from Resound Worship)
  • New Wonders -This is what Sandra McCracken says about the song: These three verses, outlining the trinity, were written as a “new song” (Ps. 96:1-4, Isaiah 42). It is intended to be used as an exercise of looking daily at the cross. It’s a call for renewal (John 4:14), a call to remember God’s faithfulness (Deut 11: 18-21), a call to repentance and rest (Jonah 2:7-9), and a call to go outside and see God’s creation (Ps. 19: 1-3). The sound of the recording is loosely modeled after Cat Stevens’ “Morning Has Broken.” (listen at New Old Hymns)
  • His Love Can Never Fail (listen: track 4 on Beams of Heaven)
  • It Was Love  - based on a Puritan prayer (listen: track 11 on Valley of Vision)
  • Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts  - 12th century hymn by Bernard of Clairvaux (listen to a sample from Red Mountain Music)
  • I Will Sing - This is a brand new song for us. Thinking it will become a New City staple (listen for free; or purchase at iTunes)