Getting Ready For Sunday

This Sunday, we continue our series through Judges by looking at Judges 6

We'll also have a chance to hear from Danny Hindman, RUF campus minister at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Here are the songs we’ll be singing together on Spotify. Listen and be ready to sing heartily Sunday evening.

Each Sunday we celebrate the Lord’s Supper together. It points us to Christ’s death for us in the past, his present work feeding our souls, and our future hope in the kingdom of God.

We meet each Sunday at 9a & 10:45a for worship at the church building at the corner of Floral and Washington, 4400 Floral Ave., 45212Please sit toward the front of the sanctuary and toward the center of the rows so that folks can grab seats as they make their way in.

You can CLICK HERE for some general information about what to expect.

NOTE: Sharpsburg Elementary is prepping for construction by closing their parking lot. Plan to arrive at church a few minutes earlier than usual on Sunday mornings to find on street parking!

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Join us Sunday at 

9a & 10:45a