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Thinking (and talking) biblically about homosexuality

For some inexplicable reason I woke up at 3:30am this morning.  I couldn't go back to sleep, and I wasn't quite awake enough to read, or get any really solid work done.  So I decided to take 90 minutes and watch Matt Chandler's (Village Church) seminar on homosexuality.  I thought it was really, really good.  This is an issue that's getting increasingly difficult for Christians to speak about.  As Justin Taylor says, "Some pastors harp on this issue in a disproportionate, condemnatory way. Others, swinging the pendulum in the other direction, don’t want to appear insensitive or right-wing and thus avoid it altogether. So it takes courage to tackle it head-on without being a jerk."  Matt Chandler, I believe, does a marvelous job.

The seminar is split into 3 separate videos - each about 30 minutes in length.  Part 1 is a general overview of the biblical storyline regarding homosexuality, including why Chandler believes it's important to address the issue today.  In Part 2 Chandler deals with six "street-level" objections to the biblical view.  Part 3 is Q&A, which I found super helpful.

I think Matt did a really good job.  And this is worth watching for your own thinking on the issue.  But perhaps even more so to witness Chandler's demeanor and temperament in the way he speaks about it.

You can watch all 3 videos here.

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