The King and His Kingdom


On Sunday we started a new series called "The King and His Kingdom."  For most of 2009 we'll be looking at the Gospel According to Mark.  Passages from Mark will be the basis for most of our Sunday sermons, as well as fodder for discussion in our community groups.  Wherever you're at spiritually, we believe this long look at the life of Christ will be valuable for you spiritually.

Some people coming to New City are seekers - investigating Christianity (perhaps for the first time).  Mark is a great place to start as you'll get a concise look at the life of Jesus, and the heart of the Christian faith.

Others might describe themselves as strugglers - maybe you have a relationship with Christ, but you're dealing with a lot of doubts, or maybe it's hard to believe that the life God calls you to is better than some of the other alternatives.  Again, Mark is a great place to spend some time in 2010.  The picture of Jesus Mark gives us will rekindle your passion for God and remind you of why you got interested in Christianity in the first place.

And still others coming to New City are sold out - you're all in, following Jesus.  Again, Mark is a great book study and meditate upon this year.  You can never exhaust the riches of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Wherever you're at, we hope you'll join us in 2010 as we think and reflect on The King and His Kingdom.

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