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Getting Ready for Sunday (August 7, 2011)

in remembrance

There is something special about the people of God coming together for worship (Hebrews 10:24-25). Thus, we hope Sundays at New City are a highlight of your week. In an effort to help you get more out of it, we're posting a short preview of the upcoming Sunday gathering.

We continue in our Origins series this week (click here for past sermons and study guides). The teaching will be from Genesis 7:1 - 8:20 - "The God Who Makes Things New." This is the second of 3 weeks we'll spend reflecting on the story of Noah and the flood.

In our gathering this week you'll hear a short vision update on where we're headed this fall. We'll take some time to pause and pray together. This week we'll invite you to pray about whatever is on your heart, and especially for our church and God to work in us and through us this fall. At the end of our time we'll celebrate the Lord's Supper together.

Songs we'll sing this week include:

  • You Are the Light (listen below)
  • At Eve It Shall Be Light (listen below)
  • In Feast or Fallow (watch below)
  • Almighty Comforter (listen below) 
  • Amazing Grace (listen)
  • What Wondrous Love Is This (found on the album "Songs for Lent" by New York Hymns - track 19)

Use the words of Psalm 30:4-5 as a prayer to prepare your heart for worship.