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Care During Coronavirus: A Letter from the Diaconate

New City Church Family, We hope and pray first and foremost that you and your families are safe and well. As we near our seventh week of worshipping remotely, we know that the stress and anxiety of the moment can be a daily struggle. It certainly is for many of us. But we also have great hopehope in a God who preserves the lives of his saints, hope in a people who are str...

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Utilizing the Church Center App!

With our physical distancing practices in place, we wanted to share a few ways that you can use the Church Center app to stay connected with the life and community of New City; some ways to practice "distant socialling." Message Your Community Group The Church Center app has recently launched a messaging option for groups of 50 people or less! So hop over to your Churc...

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Encouragement and Tips from a New City (Homeschooling) Mom

We asked two of our New City members, Katie Jumper and Abigail Lund, to offer some encouragement to our parents and caregivers in this season of homeschooling. Here's Katie's post. Katie Jumper and her husband Matt have been part of New City since the beginning in 2009. They're the parents of four boys and make their home in Oakley. Katie's been homeschooling since 2016, ...

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Encouragement and Tips from a New City Public School Teacher

We asked two of our New City members, Katie Jumper and Abigail Lund, to offer some encouragement to our parents and caregivers in this season of homeschooling. This post comes from Abigail Lund. Abigail Lund and her husband Jon have been members of New City for 2 ½ years. They welcomed their son, Jan into the world a year ago this week! Abigail loves coffee and Aul...

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Caring for One Another and Neighbors During the Coronavirus

As our city begins to experience the effects of the coronavirus, the New City staff and deacons would like to share some ways we can care for one another and our neighbors. PROVIDING SUPPORT FOR OUR COMMUNITY The role of the New City Diaconate is to care for physical needs of our congregation and our neighbors. Under these extraordinary circumstances, we are looking for ...

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New Liturgy and Sermon are Ready + an Easy Opportunity to Serve

Another weekend approaches, and while we're saddened not to gather together at 4400 Floral Avenue, we've been so encouraged this week to hear of the ways you're connecting to one another in this season of physical distancing. This week, we published information about how we're serving one another this season. Whether you need help, are in a position to offer help, or both...

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Directions for House Church Worship

Hopefully you've had a chance to read the update on how we're proceeding through this unprecedented pandemic. If you haven't had a chance, check it out: Our hope is to not giving up meeting together, as it says in Hebrews 10, but rather continue meeting as households and in smaller gatherings (10 people or less) that help curtail ...

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Updated Plans and New Resources

Hopefully, you had a chance to watch Pastor Josh's video above with a word of encouragement and a broad overview of what's happening (and not happening) at New City in light of the coronavirus. Here are some specific details about the topics Josh mentioned in the video. Regarding meeting together as a church and small groups: Our prayer and communion meetings that...

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Preparing for Lent and looking to Eastertide


At New City, we order our worship as church family using the church calendar. The liturgical calendar marks time following the birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus. We don't find the church calenar in the Bible; it's not magical and it's nothing so sacred that we can't adapt it. But for centuries and centuries the church has marked time differently usin...

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Congregational craft project for upcoming sermon series


Later this month, we're going to begin a new sermon series, Signs. In this series, we're looking at the seven different "signs," or miracles, recorded in the Gospel of John. In an effort to engage our imaginations and help us lean into the magnificence and significance of these miracles, we've asked a few of our New City artists to take each sign and create a piece of art...

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