Bible Reading Project

We believe prayerful, thoughtful, careful reading of the Bible is vital to your spiritual growth (and to the growth of the church as whole). One way to plan for daily investment in your spiritual life is join our New City Bible Reading project.

Just download on of the the Bible Reading Plans linked below, and get started. Both plans calls for reading the whole Bible in a year, but it would be easy enough to do it over two years if that is more manageable for you.

Basic Bible Reading Plan - click to download the plan

Book at a Time Reading Plan - click to download the plan

The first plan is composed of 4 readings per day. Column 1 is from the Gospels. Column 2 contains readings from the rest of the New Testament. Column 3 takes you through the poetic books. And column 4 will take you through the Old Testament. This plan would be easy enough to stretch out over two years - do columns 1 and 3 one year, and 2 and 4 the next.

The second plan only has two columns, so you're reading will be more concentrated on individual books as you chug through the Bible. Column 1 is the main reading, alternating between Old Testament and New Testament books. The second column will take you through the poetic books and Isaiah.

The great thing about both plans is that they only schedule readings for 25 days in the month, so if you miss a few days you can easily catch up. Or, you can take some time on off days to reflect on what you have learned, or hone in on a meaningful passage.

A couple of tips:

  • Pray for God's guidance as you read his Word. Think of your time alone with him as a dialogue. Ask him to meet with you and to speak to you as you read.  Then listen to what he says through his Word. Then talk to him about how you might respond to what you've read. 
  • Read with a pen and paper handy. It's often helpful for your understanding of the Bible if you jot down some things that stood out to you, confused you, or simply served as a matter of encouragement.
  • Some parts of the Bible are harder to understand than others. It's okay if you don't understand everything. Just keep reading and you'll find that there is a lot you will understand. And as you go, some of the more confusing spots may begin to make sense.
  • Apply what you read. Again, it's helpful to have a pen handy so you can jot down some practical applications. Don't be a forgetful hearer of the Word, but a doer of the Word (James 1:25)
  • Don't give up. If you get behind, that's okay. Pick it back up again and start at the current day's reading. Don't freak out if you miss some passages. Just keep going and you'll get those passages some other year.

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