Reopening FAQ

When will New City resume publicly attended worship services?

We are planning on resuming worship gatherings at 4400 Floral Ave. the weekend of June 6 and 7.

How do I register for a worship service?

We are asking our congregation to register for worship services to ensure we are able to facilitate social distancing. You will be able to register via The Church Center App or at Registrations will open on Mondays at noon for the upcoming weekend’s worship services. Registration tutorial coming soon.

There is limited capacity for each service, and the service will close once it reaches capacity.

We will continue to offer a streaming option for the foreseeable future. If you plan to worship with us via livestream, please register accordingly. This will help us stay connected with you in these times. 

Will there be New City Kids classes offered?

No, not at this time; however, children are always welcome in our worship gatherings and worship bags with activities for them will be available. The Session and staff will be regularly evaluating when and how to resume NCK classes.

What will social distancing look like at New City?

We have marked off pews and the seating is spaced to ensure proper distancing. On the floor of each  pew available for seating there are white Xs to denote where people should sit. Deacons and staff will be helping direct seating; please defer to their direction. 

Will the worship service continue to be streamed so that I could watch it at home?

Yes. You can still watch the worship service on Sunday mornings on our website at, our Youtube channel and on our Facebook page beginning at 9a. After the initial stream the worship video will be available on demand.

If you plan to worship from home, please register through The Church Center app and select the streaming option. This is not required to view the service, but will help us stay in touch with you. 

Will New City celebrate the Lord’s Supper during the worship service?

Yes, we will celebrate communion. However, there will be a few logistical changes in how we partake. 

Step 1) Communicants will approach the front to receive elements when ready. Communicants will approach the table via the center aisle in a single file line and keep a six-foot distance from others as appropriate. The center aisle is marked accordingly.

Step 2) Communicants will take a cup of wine/juice AND will be handed a piece of pre-cut gluten free bread by a server who will be wearing a mask and gloves.

Step 3) Upon procuring the bread and cup, communicants will walk toward the outside wall they are closest to, remove their masks, take the elements, then throw their cup away at trash cans provided before putting on their masks again and returning to their seats. Hand sanitizer will be available after the trashcan along the wall. 

Will there be any changes to the worship service?

There will be a few minor adaptations.

  • There will not be any printed bulletins. We will be utilizing The Church Center app to share an order of worship.
  • We will not pass attendance pads; we're asking everyone to check in via The Church Center app.
  • Offering baskets will not be passed, instead they will at the back of the sanctuary by the sound booth and at the front of the sanctuary by the exit.
  • The Lord’s Supper will be a little different as described above.
  • Our aim is  to keep the worship service to one hour or less in length. 

What is New City’s policy concerning the wearing of masks?

The Elders on the Session of New City are asking for all persons (if able) to wear masks in the building on Sunday mornings. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics currently does not advise children under 2 years of age to wear a mask. 

What if I don’t have a mask or I forget to bring one? 

If you already have your own mask, we do ask that you please bring that. However, New City has an ample supply of masks. We will have folks at each entrance available to provide you with a mask (if you do not already have one) when you walk in the door.

Will the Commons be open? 

In general, the Commons will not be open. The only parts of the building that will be open are the foyer (for entering the sanctuary and balcony), the balcony and the sanctuary and the main level bathrooms. 

We will open the Commons as a “wiggle room” for parents to take children during the service if the outdoors is not an option due to inclement weather. Signage will be posted noting whether or not the Commons is open.

The Commons will always be available for those who utilize the ramp and handicap entrance.

Will there be coffee offered at New City?

We will not be serving coffee for the time being.

A big thank you to Faith PCA for their FAQ which served as a model for ours.