Readings & Prayers • Nov. 18-24, 2019

The season after Pentecost is sometimes called Ordinary Time. This is a chance for the church to reflect on how the gospel works into the nooks and crannies of ordinary life. As such, it marks the longest portion of the Christian year until we begin again at Advent.

Monday Psalm 9.1-20 | Jeremiah 44.1-14 | 1 Corinthians 15.30-41 | Matthew 11.16-24

Father in heaven, God of power and Lord of mercy, from whose fullness we have received, direct our steps in our everyday efforts. May the changing moods of the human heart and the limits which our failings impose on hope never blind us to you, source of every good. Faith gives us the promise of peace and makes known the demands of love. Remove the selfishness that blurs the vision of faith.

Tuesday Psalm 10.1-18 | Lamentations 1.1-12 | 1 Corinthians 15.41-50 | Matthew 11.25-30

Almighty and everlasting God, in Christ you have revealed your glory among the nations: Preserve the works of your mercy, that your Church throughout the world may persevere with steadfast faith in the confession of your name.

Wednesday  Psalm 11.1-7| Lamentations 2.8-15 | 1 Corinthians 15.51-58 | Matthew 12.1-14

Almighty God, we pray, show your humble servants your mercy that we, who put no trust in our own merits, may be dealt with not according to the severity of your judgment but according to your mercy.

Thursday Psalm 12.1-8 | Ezra 1.1-11 | 1 Corinthians 16.1-9 | Matthew 12.15-21

God our Father, glorious in giving life and even more glorious in restoring it: in his last night on earth your Son knew anguish and deep sorrow. Do not turn away from us, or we shall fall back into dust; but rather turn our mourning into joy by raising us up with your Son, Christ our Lord.

Friday  Psalm 13.1-6 | Ezra 3.1-13 | 1 Corinthians 16.10-24 | Matthew 12.22-32

God of kindness and truth, you saved your chosen one, Jesus Christ, and you give your martyrs strength. Watch over your people who come to you now, and strengthen the hearts of those who hope in you, that they may proclaim your saving acts of kindness.

Saturday Psalm 14.1-7 | Ezra 4.7, 11-24 | Philemon 1-25 | Matthew 12.33-42

O Almighty God, who has made your children to be one in the knowledge of yourself, grant that they may also be joined together in unity of spirit, and of holy desire, that they may serve you in quiet freedom; and that, in their whole spirit, soul and body, they may be temples fit for you.

Sunday Psalm 15.1-5 | Haggai 1.1-2.9 | Acts 18.24-19.7 | Luke 10.25-37

God of power and mercy, protect us from all harm. Give us freedom of spirit and health in mind and body to do your work on earth.



Q12: What does God require in the ninth and tenth commandments?

A: Ninth, that we do not lie or deceive, but speak the truth in love. Tenth, that we are content, not envying anyone or resenting what God has given them or us.


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