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This week's reading introduces us to the idea of being 'missional.' Being missonal is living the lifesty of a missionary, that is, "missionary engagement with the culture." Beyond church going, being missional is embracing God's call to live as his ambassador of reconciliation in your neighborhood (2 Corinthians 5:17-21).

Pick one of the following and post it in the comments below:

  1. Check out the exercise on p. 7 about being a part of the church planting team in Spain. Answer one of those questions and why you would go about being missional in that way.
  2. One of our core values here at New City is to be "City Positive." Module 2 describes a missional community as one that loves and speaks positively about the city. So post a few things, 3-5, that you LOVE about Cincinnati!


Things I love about Cinci:
1. The Reds
2. Die-hard sports fans whether the teams are good or not
3. All the squares (Oakley, Hyde Park, Mt Lookout, Mariemont)
4. German and Victorian architecture
5. Graeter's
6. The zoo
7. Being able to walk everywhere
8. Neighborhood communities
9. Parks and playgrounds
10. Great local restaurants

With regard to Jerry's questions, it's important to remember that (as Leslie Newbigin has said) as the gospel interacts with any culture or subculture it is always simultaneously affirming some things while rebuking others. The discernment of the church is to discern which is which.

Rome is a great example: the Christians did two things distinctively. They practiced a different sexual ethic (monogomy within marriage), and they cared deeply for the needs of the poor (even at great risk to themselves, esp during the plagues). But they also loved their cities and their neighbors and never sought to establish separate Christian ghettos. The moved into the nooks and crannies of the Roman empire and participated in public and city life. They were good citizens.

At New City we've tried to talk about this balance between loving the city and still having a prophetic ministry (that includes truth and rebuke). We talk about it under our core value called "City Positive." It reads like this: "The gospel changes our attitude toward the city. The gospel leads us neither to despise the city (withdrawing like a turtle) nor to simply reflect the city (blending like a chameleon) but to love the city. We seek the welfare of the city as we proclaim the gospel, believing that nothing promotes the peace and health of the city like the spread of faith in Christ. We also seek to sacrificially serve our neighbors, displaying the gospel with our deeds."

French Park, and that all the parks in the city are free

Lots of local restaurants, coffee houses, shops

The zoo

Awesome library system

Art museum and Krohn conservatory

UDF ice cream (cheap and good!)

Cincinnati Civic Garden (this one is for Paul)

Snow, but not too much

The skyline (viewed from Kentucky, but still counts)

The walking park in Amberly Village

Grand Vista and Victoria Lane

Pleasant Ridge Chili (gravy cheese fries--need I say more?)

Examining the question first, are we obligated to "love & speak positively about" our place of residence? Whether that is 21st century Cincinnati or the United States or the 1st century Roman Empire? Billy Graham was commenting recently that he never thought that at age 93 he'd have to be hitting the circuit on the issue of what a marriage was. A number of years ago, Cincinnati faced off over some "art" by a man named Maplethorp that some thought was pornography. Exposing new born infants to die, particularly girls, was opposed by the 1st century Christian community. Did these Christians "love" the Roman Empire? In what sense?

Some things to love about Cincinnati (in no particular order):

1.) The hills

2.) Findlay Market

3.) Oakley Square

4.) Jungle Jim's

5.) The river (in all its brown glory)

6.) Breakfasts at Madison Bowl

7.) It's not Cleveland

8.) Great American Ballpark

9.) Joey Votto

10.) Pete Rose

11.) Boomer Esiason

12.) Over the Rhine (the community and the band)

13.) Xavier and UC

14.) Interesting and quality public school choices

15.) Autumn - the best season in Cincinnati

16.) Labor Day fireworks

17.) Ault, Alms and Eden Parks

18.) Coffee Emporium and Red Tree

19.) Graeter's

20.) no earthquakes, tsunamis, or hurricanes (fingers crossed when it comes to tornados)

21.) A growing church planting movement

22.) Back2Back Ministries

23.) City Cure and City Gospel Mission (and Whiz Kids)

24.) That we almost had a subway

25.) Loveland Bike Trail (hope they turn Wasson into part of this)

26.) new movie theater coming to Oakley

27.) Chili Lasagna at Blue Ash Chili

28.) Cincinnati Chili (esp Skyline)

I can think of so many more, but I have other work to do. Add to this list peoples!

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