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Porterbrook | Reading God's Story Units 4-6


Hey New City Porterbrookers!

I hope you are working your way through this module and enjoying the rigorous content. If you are still working through units 1-3 keep going. You turn a corner at unit 4 towards the "bigger picture." 

Unit 4 examines some larger interpretive questions focused on the intent of the author/text. I was particularly challenged by the instruction to "study the passage until it moves you." This highlights the importance of the involvement of our affections in the task of studying Scripture. It's not all about the head knowledge but ought to work on our hearts.

Unit 5 teaches us "the Bible is not a manual of theology...it is a story - the story of God's great plan of salvation." We are coached on how to view the over arching narrative of the whole of Scripture and understanding Jesus as the key to understanding the whole story. 

Unit 6 drills down a level into the idea of God's promise to Abraham of a people who know God. This unit is the first step in unpacking each of the 4 Abrahamic promises that will discussed in turn in the next 3 units.

For our discussion:
What metaphor for the Scripture has been most prevalent along your faith journey and what metaphor for Scripture resonates most with you?

That is, on page 31, the authors say that the Bible is NOT a manual for theology but a story. I've heard the Bible called an answer book, God's love letter to humanity, an encyclopaedia, the Bible as God's memoir, etc. 

You can also post questions that these units may have raised for you, comments on other ideas, etc.

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I don't have my PB book w/ me now, so please excuse me if I'm referencing the wrong unit. I've really enjoyed the latter parts of this section. Seeing the whole of Scripture as a story and myself in it has been uplifting. I've tried to challenge myself more, writing down my thoughts from some of the reflections rather than just "reflecting" mentally. One of them, the word association about rule and kingdom, revealed my negative thoughts about being under authority. It was interesting. I liked the reference to Mark and Jesus' words about being a servant. That is the picture of God's rule I need to embrace.

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