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This is where we will host the online discussions associated with our Porterbrook Learning classes. Each week Brian will post a short summary of the reading and some questions or thoughts to consider. Use the comments section to respond or ask questions of your own.

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1) Page 17 of the workbook refers to possibly maintaining a "respectful distance" from God.
Speculate on II Cor 2.14 where Paul compares himself to a Roman soldier in a triumphal procession behind Commander Jesus. Shouldn't one maintain such a distance?

2) Also p 17 refers to being "more aware of your sin than you are of God's grace." Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress refers to the Slough of Despond where mid 1600's Puritans were in acute depression about their sins. Is humanity even remotely aware of its sins?

3) Page 18 asks "How do you know God loves you?" Looking negatively at the question, examine Exodus 32.9. God is upset over the golden calf incident & tells Moses that all the Jews & perhaps all humans will be "consumed", and God will start over. Argue with a straight face to God that it would not be right & just for a Perfect Being to do that.

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