The Walk | New Sermon Series Starting July 1


Some people think of Christianity primarily as a worldview: a perspective or outlook on life. Others see it a code of ethics, with the Bible as a book of rules. Still others think about Christianity as a transaction: if I "receive Jesus," then that's it. Done deal.

A better metaphor for the Christian life is that of a walk. Or a journey, a sojourn. A relationship with God is so much more than a set of beliefs: it affects all of you are, including the way you live, think, and feel day to day. It's bigger than a code of ethics, because it involves a relationship with a Living Guide - the Almighty God. And it's more than a transaction, because God doesn't just want to save us. He wants to transform us.

This is Paul's metaphor in the second half of the book of Ephesians. He tells us to walk in the good works that God has prepared for us (Eph 2:10), to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called (4:1), to walk in love (5:2), to walk in light (5:8), and to walk in wisdom (5:15).

We hope you'll join us in July and August as we explore what this journey with God looks like.

7/1 - On the Road Together (4:1-16)

7/8 - Changing Direction (4:17-24)

7/15 - The Path of Love (4:25 - 5:2)

7/22 - The Path of Light (5:1-14)

7/29 - The Guide (5:15-20)

8/5 - A Partner in the Journey (5:21-33)

8/12 - How Jesus Makes Us Travel Companions (5:21-33)

8/19 - The Daily Commute (6:1-9)

8/26 - Danger on the Way (6:10-14)

9/2 - Equipped for the Journey (6:13-24)

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