New Preschool Class


If you've been around New City lately, you know we're growing: especially in the area of kids. When we started worship two years ago, we had 2 children regularly in our nursery. Now on a busy Sunday we can have as many as 30!

We want to do an excellent job caring for our New City kids for several reasons: 1.) Kids are a blessing, not just to their parents, but to the whole church family. We value them, not just for who they will become, but for who they are right now. 2.) Caring for kids of newcomers is a great way to show hospitality and welcome people into our community. 3.) Our kids need Jesus. How many people do we know who grew up in the church, and don't give a thought to God now that they are on their own? We don't want that to be the case with these kids. We have the opportunity to act as missionaries to a new generation every Sunday morning as we serve and care for kids in the nursery.

All that said, we want to remind you that we are expanding our New City Kids ministry starting this Sunday (Sep 11). We are adding a preschool class for ages 3 and 4. This will enable us to do more age specific teaching, and care for all our kids in smaller classes.

Parents of preschoolers will still check in at the main table, but the preschool class will be down the lefthand hallway as you come in. We have an enthusiastic team of lead teachers for this class who will be helping kids understand Bible stories, memorize verses, sing songs, and do crafts. And of course, they'll play. Kids need to be 3 by October 1 to be eligible to move into this class.

Toddlers (16 months to 3 years) will continue to meet in the music room. They will continue to have a Bible story, snack, music and lots and lots of play.

Infants (6 weeks to 16 months) will continue to be in the Library. We will hold your babies and give them excellent care while you enjoy the worship service.

In addition to our Leaders for each class (who serve more regularly, have been through training and background checks, and put in some preparation beforehand) we'll be asking all our members and regulars to jump in a general rotation of serving with New City Kids. In most cases you won't be called upon to serve more than once or twice per quarter. And you will always have a trained Leader in the class with you. We ask that you'd serve enthusiastically, knowing this is an important ministry, and a great chance to follow Jesus in welcoming children (Mark 10:14). It's also a good opportunity to meet other people as you serve alongside others at New City.

Thanks again. We hope you join us in our excitement for another year of New City Kids ministry.


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