I Am - new sermon series starting 9/11/11


Jesus is pretty popular in America. You see his name plastered on billboards and bumper stickers. He's regularly invoked in songs both sacred and secular. Even when people have disdain for Christianity or the church, most claim some sort of affection for Jesus. We want to be on Jesus' side. Or maybe more accurately, we want Jesus on our side.

That's a little bit of the problem isn't it? There's lots of people claiming Jesus is on their side. And many of these groups have mutually exclusive agendas. Is Jesus a Republican or a Democrat? A communist or a capitalist? A guru, a hippie, or a yuppie? All of them? None of them? Who is Jesus really? It seems like he's become a mascot to so many groups that it's difficult to know who we're even talking about.

This Fall New City is going to spend time exploring the question: "Who is Jesus?" And in doing so, we're going straight to the horse's mouth. We're going to look at 8 statements Jesus makes about himself recorded in the Gospel of John, hoping to better understand who he is, and what that means for all of us. We hope you'll join us on Sunday mornings this Fall (and by all means, invite some friends to come with you).


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