Hospitality Challenge | Summer 2012


We're throwing down a challenge at New City this summer. It's very simple - have people over to your home for a meal.

Specifically, we want each household at New City to invite one person/family from your neighborhood, school, or workplace over for a meal this summer. Additionally, we challenge you to have one person/family from the church (that you don't know well) over for a meal.

Simple and Easy - You're going to eat anyway. We're not asking you to go all out, just to make a little extra food and invite some people into your home. Hopefully this is the beginning of a posture of inviting people into your life.

Big Impact - We have somewhere around 70 households connected to New City. If we have a big evangelistic program, we'd have a tough time getting 10-15 non-believers to show up. But if we take this seriously, there's a chance for 100-150 people who may not know Christ to be invited into the house of a Christian this summer. That's a big deal.

We're not even asking you to share the gospel. Just be nice. Share a meal. Share some of who you are. Ask questions. And see where the conversation goes. Perhaps this will be a relationship that can grow to the point where you get to talk about your faith.

And think about what a friendlier place New City will be as you step out and invite someone you don't know well into your home.

So that's the Hospitality Challenge. Between now and Labor Day, have two meals (actually, we suggest you eat many more, but just two special ones). Invite someone over from the neighborhood (or work), and have another meal where you invite someone you don't know from church.

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