Getting Ready for Sunday 5/20/12


Worship means, literally, acknowledging the worth of something or someone. It means recognizing and saying that something or someone is worthy of praise. It means celebrating the worth of someone or something far superior to oneself. (N.T. Wright)

When we gather on Sundays, we do so to celebrate and affirm the worth of God. We hope you'll join us THIS Sunday. Here's a preview of this week's gathering:

We are in week 2 of a new series of sermons through the book of Ephesians called I.D.: Who are you REALLY? (Click here for more info on the series)


This week we'll be hearing from Ephesians 1:15-23 and the title of the sermon is The Riches. 

As we journey through this series of sermons, set aside some time to read the entire book of Ephesians. Try it once a week or more since the book is only several chapters and can be read easily in one sitting. 


The songs we'll be singing together this week are:

See you Sunday, bring a friend!


Join us Sunday at 

9a & 10:45a