Getting Ready for Sunday | 4/15/12


Worship means, literally, acknowledging the worth of something or someone. It means recognizing and saying that something or someone is worthy of praise. It means celebrating the worth of someone or something far superior to oneself. (N.T. Wright)

When we gather on Sundays, we do so to celebrate and affirm the worth of God. We hope you'll join us this week. Here's a preview of our upcoming gathering:

A&JThis week we are back to our series of sermons on the life of Abraham called Living in the Gap. The text Josh will be preaching from is Genesis 22:1-18. His message is entitled The Horrible Test and he'll be unpacking this seminal text describing Abraham's call to sacrifice his only Son. 

 As a part of the worship gathering we'll have a time for the "Prayers of the People" where we'll open up our prayer time for anyone to pray. We encourage you to share in this prayer time and ask only that you pray loud enough so that others can hear you and succinctly enough that others may have the opportunity to pray as well. 

Our songs for this week are:

  • All Creatures of Our God and King (This is a St. Francis text, classic hymn. You can get a beautiful brass section version on Anathallo's Hymns album which you can download here). 
  • God Be Merciful to Me (This song comes right out of Psalm 51 and we'll sing it following our prayer of confession as a continuation of our time of repentence. Click here to read all the lyrics.)
  • What Wondrous Love is This (by Matt Boswell on the album Songs for Lent by New York Hymns. This track is the 2nd to last and entitled "Jesus' Body Laid in the Tomb...Part 2" )
  • Beloved NCK7
  • Take My Life and Let it Be
  • It is Finished (This is still a new one for us but you can join right in after downloading it free and keeping it on repeat on the iPod. You'll walk away after the benediction singing this one all week!)

Sunday is coming! See you there! Bring some friends!


Join us Sunday at 

9a & 10:45a