Getting Ready for SATURDAY Gathering | 5/5/12


Worship means, literally, acknowledging the worth of something or someone. It means recognizing and saying that something or someone is worthy of praise. It means celebrating the worth of someone or something far superior to oneself. (N.T. Wright)

When we gather, we do so to celebrate and affirm the worth of God. Here's a preview of this week's gathering:

This weekend we've got some peculiar but great opportunities! The Flying Pig Marathon is happening Sunday morning (some of us are staffing a hydration station @ mile 24) and the course runs right smack dab through the middle of our neighborhood so getting to John Parker school would be problematic.

So...we're gathering Saturday afternoon @ 5pm for worship and a potluck. Bring a dish to share! We're meeting @ Cincinnati Mennonite Fellowship's building (where we used to meet in the "old days"). 

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Marc Champagne, from North Cincinnati Community Church is preaching on the Song of Redemption from Revelation 5:1-14. Marc has served on staff at NCCC for 11 years. His original plan was to stay for two and then head overseas. Happily, God has brought many representative from overseas to the Mason area where he lives and he is in the beginning stages of a multi-ethnic church plant. Marc has four kids and one wife. This is an important note as he grew up in Utah.

This week we're invited to the table as we celebrate the Lord's Supper. Jesus invites us to his table, calling us to remember and to proclaim what has has done through the breaking of bread and drinking of the wine. After the message we'll come to His table. To prepare your heart for the Lord's Supper, read 1 Corinthians 11:17-34. We'll let the communion linger on and the feats continue in song and then in a shared meal together. 

The songs we'll be singing together this week are:

See you SATURDAY for our weekly gathering and for the potluck!


Join us Sunday at 

9a & 10:45a