Bill & April Henrichs Update


New City Family,

Our Campus Crusade team of 27 landed here in Fiji a few days ago with great excitement to get on the campus of University of South Pacific and begin connecting with students and sharing Jesus with them. Last summer we were able to see over 160 students put their faith in Christ. This summer has started off with some challenging news.

For years, we have had a huge ally in the university administration that absolutely loves who we are and what we do. He died about three weeks ago. Within one week of his death, a man named Glen P. stepped into his position. This new person could not be more different. He despises anything to do with religion/faith. He isn't even a Fijian, he is a New Zealander. We learned on the day we landed that, because of this man, we have been kicked off campus as a team. Our God is much bigger than one man, but please pray that either Glen would get fired or have a huge heart change that would allow us the freedom to get on campus and minister to these students who are SO incredibly open to the Gospel.

Pray for our team, that we would walk by faith and trust God through this and believe Him for big things. One of the doors that it seems like the Lord is opening for us is to go to a section of non-university student housing that has never been touched with the Gospel message. Pray that we see much fruit there and see doors begin to open at USP. Thank you for your prayers, they are so greatly appreciated.

Much Love,
Bill and April Henrichs
Campus Crusade for Christ


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