Good Friday Worship Gathering

April 6, 2012

7:00pm – 8:00pm


Why is it called ‘good’ friday?

There are a number of ways to answer this question. One is that the name may be purely accidental. Some scholars think that originally the name may not have been Good Friday but rather from “God’s Friday” (Gottes Freitag); others maintain that it is from the German Gute Freitag, and not specially En- glish. Another likely answer is that, way back when, good had another meaning we rarely use anymore. It meant revered Friday, honored Friday, highly esteemed and venerable Friday. In other words, it was a title lifting up this Friday as especially important and deserving of respect because of what Jesus did for us. In the Eastern Church, they even call this Great and Holy Friday for much the same reason.

It is a good, good Friday for us. And so we're going to gather for cross centered worship @ 7pm @ Cincinnati Mennonite Fellowship.

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